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“Puglia is a treasure trove of arthistory, and nature. A land of sun and hospitality … centuries of history and a range of charming landscapes … a uniquedestination, where to enjoy some truly unforgettable experiences.”

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The Apulia Region

The Apulia region (or Puglia, as it is known to the locals) is an important economic center in Southern Italy that forms the heel of the Italian boot and is located in the Southern Adriatic Sea.

In recent years Puglia has gradually built a reputation as a bridge between West and East, that mirrors an increasingly multi-cultural, open, tolerant and friendly community, connecting people, individuals and businesses, from different countries and cultures.

The capital city of Puglia

The capital city of Puglia is Bari, a modern city that keeps strong ties with its own traditions. Bari has a maritime flavor and deserves a glance for the panoramic seafront promenade.

Bari’s Panoramic Seafront Promenade

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The historical and cultural heritage

The cultural al historical heritage in Puglia is witnessed by many landmarks: St. Nicholas’ Basilica, The Swabian Castle by Frederick II, The Margherita Theatre and the Petruzzelli Theatre (in the town of Bari)…

St. Nicholas’ Basilica (Bari)

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Castel del Monte octagonal castle by Frederick II (in the town of Andria), the Trulli stone huts in the Unesco World Heritage Site of Alberobello (in the province of Bari), the Lecce Baroque (in the town of Lecce), and many more.

Octagonal  Castel del Monte (Andria)

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Nature around in Puglia

Nature around in Puglia is magnificent. The white high cliffs of Mattinata and Vieste, the long sandy beaches with crystalline water of Gallipoli,…

… the grottoes of Castellana Grotte, the second European biggest canyon of the Gravina di Laterza, the bauxite querry in Otranto, the beautiful little towns on the sea like Polignano and Monopoli, …

Lama Monachile         (Polignano a mare)   

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… the little cities surrounded by acres of olive groves like Martina Franca, the white city of Ostuni, and may other special places make the Apulia region an incredible land to be discovered step by step.

Puglia’s gastronomy

The region’s cuisine is based on typical products found within the surrounding region of Apulia: wheat, olive oil, seafood and wine. Local flour is used in homemadebread and pasta production including, most notably, the famous orecchiette ear-shaped pasta.

Orecchiette (Apulian Pasta)

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Homemade dough and olive oils are also used to bake fried panzerotti with mozzarella, and focaccia alla barese with tomatoes. Perhaps Bari’s most famous dish is the oven-baked Patate, riso e cozze (potatoes with rices and mussels). The whole Apulian region have a range of wines, including the classical Primitivo, Castel del Monte, Muscat, and most notably the recently emerging rosé wines.

Pane di Altamura (typical Apulian bread)

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